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"Country Girl" Release Date Announced 


Panthos Productions and Trent Ingram are pleased to announce the official release of Trent's debut single "Country Girl."

The song is about qualities that Trent has always found important in a woman - a strong, independent, country girl that just drives the boys crazy. The song was written in 2014, and an acoustic version was recorded, but then the song was placed on the back burner for several years. Trent was approached by Panthos Productions after playing the song at a show, resulting in him signing with the company, re-recording the song, and making it his debut single.

Originally the song was more of a ballad, but it didn't necessarily portray the correct emotion of the lyrics. Each version continued to speed up and add more life - becoming more of a celebration than a serenade. Influenced by Garth Brooks, Trent hopes that this song lasts as one of the hallmarks of his career and that the qualities explained in the song continue to live on as well.

The song will be available to purchase via digital download (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) on Saturday, August 25, 2017.